GISE 2018

An invitation to Emsos 2019

Dear colleagues and friends,
it is a great pleasure to announce that the 32nd annual Meeting of the European Muscolo Skeletal Oncology Society (EMSOS)will be held in Florence, ltaly, on may 15th-17tn, 2019.

According to the aims of the Society, the meeting will focus on the multidisciplinary approach to bone and soft tissue tumors, promoting mutual collaboration between different specialists involved in musculoskeletaI oncology.

The main topic of the meeting will be the innovative technologies in orthopaedic oncology, including new molecules for medical treatment, new imaging modalities and diagnostic strategies, new surgical procedures, reconstructive methods and devices. Specific sessions will be dedicated to challenging clinical situations such as paediatric sarcomas, spine and sacral tumors and infections. Other topic of interest will be minimally invasive therapies in orthopaedic oncology and new prosthetic device after amputation. Finally, half century after the beginning of the era of "limb salvage", one session will be dedicated to the "Salvage of Limb Salvage".

Below are listed the main topic of the meeting:

  1. 1. New Technologies in Orthopaedic Oncology
  2. New drugs in Sarcoma Therapy: new agents, target therapies, immunotherapy
  3. New drugs in Tumor Like disease
  4. New strategies in Radiationtherapy
  5. Advances in lmaging Technology
  6. Computer assisted surgery and Robotics
  7. Custom-Made Prosthesis and Devices
  8. Patient Specific lnstruments
  9. Paediatric Orthopaedic Oncology
  10. Lenghtening prostheses and devices
  11. Spine and Sacral Tumors
  12. lnfections: new strategies in prevention and treatment
  13. lmplant coatings
  14. Mininvasive Thera pies in Orthopaed ic O ncology
  15. New devices after amputations
  16. "Salvage of Limb Salvage"

Florence, one of the most beautifuland visited art cities in the world, is an open-air museum, placed in the UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1982. The density of such a fabulously rich legacy- historic and artistic but also scientific and naturalistic - in a small, well-defined space where everything is accessible by walking distance, makes Florence city centre quite unique, not only in the eyes of the curious visitor but also in those of scholars and local people. The congress venue is the Palazzo dei Congressi, located in heart of Florence next to the main train station, near the historic and cultural areas. Palazzo dei Congressi is a historical venue as it is hosted inside the L9th century Villa Vittoria.

We offer you our warmest welcome and hope tb make the EMSOS 2019 Congress in Florence a memorable experience for you.

With our best regards,


Prof Domenico Andrea Campanacci

Prof Rodolfo Capanna
Honorary President